..briana <3 (my_imaginations) wrote,
..briana <3


Things are slowly improving. I hope it keeps getting better. Everyone is telling me it should end. I really dont want it to, nor do i think running away is the best option. After all the shit, we've been through and made it through we're still togetther. And i think getting out may just be a dumb decision. I dont know. I guess i really thoought thingfs over, and really thought hard about my future and what i want.

I want you. Forever. Me and you. Just like now.

We get along so well. It's just us. No matter what everyone else thinks. I just wish you let me know how you still feel about me. After 5 years, I still feel the same. A simple i love you would be nice. Then again, i think that might be to hard for you to say.

I guess i'm living in a fantasy world. Like always.
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